A term once used to describe taverns or bars with ready-prepared food, bistrots are small establishments frequently visited by ordinary French people, and which became landmarks of the culinary scene in Paris and in other French cities too during the twentieth century. The bistro culture has been part of the daily life of French people for over a century, and today, the bistronomy phenomenon caters to a less demanding market in terms of service, but keeps the quality and gastronomic identity expected by the true gourmet.

Le bistrot is not characterized by a specific type of cuisine, although, because of its regional roots, traditional dishes are always served, which are made with top-quality ingredients. That’s why bistrots usually offer old favorites, ideal for passers-by or workers who need a quick, tasty, and hearty meal for their daily lunch. Bistrots generally offer a daily special and are cheaper than most restaurants, with less formal service than their more traditional counterparts.

In the heart of Providencia in 2010, Bistromania was born: a simple idea in a welcoming environment mixing old-time gastronomy with the great French classics. By bringing a slice of France to Chile, our goal was to conquer Chilean tastebuds and to take travelling French palates back home with our gourmet dishes in the bistrot style.

Gaëtan Eonet and his team invite you to their world, a simple space that reminds you of home, to discover or return to those traditional flavors…

Welcome and… bon appétit !